How to Write a Press Release Or a News Release

You do have to know some fundamentals on writing good press or news releases. They are very similar, although the press release will tend to have more information about your business, 1stchoicepestcontrol but both will have your personal message and contact information.

Neither are very lengthy. Press releases are typically less than 500 words total. News releases are even less, with the ones that are most effective being 250 words or less. They should not focus on hard selling any product or service as this will limit the amount of attention it subsequently generates. It doesn’t mean you can’t mention the product or service, but it should be done in a way that is more of a soft sell with an interesting storyline. valuebul

Press releases and news releases should follow good writing standards. Check your submission for typos or improper grammar. Use the third person narrative instead of the first person. Capitalize the first letter of every word in a title. Other than that, use standard case and don’t put things in all caps as it can make you appear to be shouting over the Internet. Try to take on the style of a reporter who is issuing a news story, not a marketer who is trying to grab attention however they can. That means avoid excessive exclamation marks, clichés, and hype about products and services. civirtualtours

The actual writing of a press release does follow  a formula. Typically, you will see a headline, several paragraphs, and contact information. For press releases, you will also see additional information. Don’t forget that whatever submission service you use should also have an area to add keyword phrases.

To go over the basic components you will see in either a press release or a news release, read below:

Headline Or Title

This should include a keyword if possible, but it should only be one sentence long. Try to make it as interesting to people as you want it to be to the search engines. vitamondo Use buzz words that attract attention to help the headline stand out amongst other press or news releases.

First Paragraph

This is your introductory paragraph and it should start by identifying the physical location where the story originates, and the calendar date. After that, you are going to try to give a brief synopsis of the five W’s common in reporting stories: Who, What, When, Where, Why. Of course, you may not have all that information, but do the best that you can. The reason you want to be as thorough as you can here is that many online readers read only the first paragraph and from there decide whether it’s worth it to read the rest of the story or not. So, make it count.

Following Paragraphs

Here is where you can weave the story that engages your reader. You can add detail and help to include any other relevant information that can help you connect with your reader. You don’t even have to attempt to give a full view because you may want to do the story in snippets across multiple press and news releases. Just give enough information that will hook the reader into reading more and wanting to read future press releases that come from you or your company.

Contact Information

You want to include a brief description of your company and the URL to go to before you get to the contact area, so that’s not required here. Once readers are at the contact area, they will want to have a name of a person, business name or title, an email address, and telephone number so they can contact someone if they have questions about the news or press release.

Additional Information

Press releases will let you add several more options like linking to demos or online downloads. In addition, you get to put in links that can count towards the backlink value of your website. You can also put in any trademark or background information on the company.

Using The Pound Signs ### – These characters are always used to close out a press release.

Always have more than one paragraph in your news or press releases. Also try not to make the paragraphs any longer than 2 or 3 sentences. This is important to provide a sense of space on the page that helps people reading to visually comprehend easier. So, white space is just as important as what you decide to write on the page.

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