How to Work With Healing Light to Transform Your Life

The healing light is real, and it can transform your life. There are various frequencies of light, which can raise the level of vibration. The more powerful and positive is your thinking, bunnydirectories the greater is the intensity of the light you emit. And because the light is electromagnetic by nature, the greater is its ability to attract to you health, abundance, and happiness when it is emanating from you in its greatest illumination. Your aura is made of light, as are your chakras, also called “Wheels of Light.” These energetic aspects of your being react to feelings and thoughts, and they reflect the state of your emotional and physical health. Chakras reflect the health of your love, relationships, communication, creativity and connection with the Source. When you’re illuminated, you can go beyond mind and thoughts into the infinite and into the power of healing. Here is where the true power of transformation lies. The inner light mirrors the great outer light, the infinite energy of the universe. We come from this light, and we return to it after the body is finished with its earthly work.

The Healing Room of Light

If you’d like to do a special process, you may imagine a healing room of light. There is golden white light beaming from the ceiling, walls, and floor. You may sit in the center of the room. You can get in touch with current difficulties, and you bring them forth for the light to touch and heal. The light beams on you and on the difficulties (any kind of difficulty – emotional, physical, or mental). And as the light beams, you experience your vibrational power increasing, as the light brings you into harmony with the higher powers.

The Ball of Light

This is a process that has become well-known, originally brought forth by Israel Regardie in his tiny volume, The Art of True Healing. You experience a luminescent brilliant ball of light twirling and rotating through the various chakras at the base of the spine, the pelvis, the solar plexus, the chest, the throat, mid-forehead and the top of the head. As the light vibrates and dances though each chakra, it clears it and cleanses it and brings it into harmony with the highest levels.

Bringing More Light to the Darkness of the World

As we know all too well, the earth is going through great transformation. There is great travail in the physical world, and profound losses are overtaking millions on our planet. If we look at another side to this story, the world is both darkness and light, expansion and contraction, yin and yang. It is fierce and idyllic, blinded by darkness and filled with eternal light. As we project images of a beautiful world, so we can send out possibilities for the world’s ultimate transformation even in the face of its difficulties. For more info please visit these sites:-

This Little Light of Mine, I’m Going to Let it Shine

Beyond the dualities of darkness and light is a world of supreme perfection and brilliant light. Let’s go there in our minds and in our hearts and bring healing wherever there is need.


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