Coin Collecting – The Basics

It is one of the biggest and longest hobbies that is still attracting people into it since the 14th century. Coin collecting is still big now, many people collect for the value of the coins or just for the fun of it. Either way coin collecting is a great hobby.

Coin collecting is a growing hobby that has been around since the 14th Century. It is attracting many people young and old. If you have just started or if you are thinking of starting coin collecting then you know that it may be a bit confusing at first which is why I have written this article, askanadviser to give you an insight to the basics of coin collecting.

First of all if you are thinking of starting a coin collection then you need to know that it is a hobby that doesn’t need any skill at all (even children are doing it!).

Secondly (and this is what this article will be focusing on) is that there are different kinds of coin collectors who have different purposes. So what type of coin collectors are there?


Everyone starts out as an informal collector. This type of coin collector is laid-back and doesn’t have any specific goal as such yet. These are the coin collectors who collect any coins they like as they are not that serious about it. As mentioned everyone starts here but some may take a different collector route while others may just stay informal.


This is the type of collector is the type that cares about nothing else but the beauty of the coin. This would be one of the collectors that stores their coins in an album to show them off. Many children go into inquisitive and they may take their collection to school to show off to their friends. For more info please visit these sites:-


This is the most common collector. An advanced collector will travel around looking for specific coins that they have in mind. The coins they collect can be defined into a few categories:

·         Nation – Some collectors try to collect as many coins as they can from the UK or USA and many different countries

·         Historical – During wars coins could have been made from different material which may cause the collector to look for that coin.

·         Error coins – Some coins have errors or weird markings on them. These “freak coins” are rare and a coin collector may make it his life ambition to find one.


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