Why Should You Have Ozone In The Reef Aquarium?

Ozone is present in the higher reaches of the earth’s atmosphere – its density begins from 16 km above the earth’s crust and it begins thinning out after 23 km. In between these atmospheric limits, ozone is continuously produced due to the action of sun’s ultraviolet rays on oxygen. Ozone is also produced during lightings, childcare and the fresh air we get to smell immediately after a thunderstorm has occurred is generally the smell of ozone.

Chemical experts have always maintained that ozone is fresher and more life-sustaining than oxygen. Since aquarium inhabitants also live by taking in the oxygen that is dissolved in their aquatic surroundings, they will live markedly better if they are provided ozone in their aquarium. Of course, getting an ozone supply for an aquarium can be very expensive, but it could be money well invested, especially if you really mean to give a good and healthy life to your reef tank inhabitants.

The following are some of the positive benefits that ozone contributes to a reef tank aquarium:-

1. Ozone is a purifying agent. Normally, ozonepurity we use chlorine in aquarium media to take care of unwanted inhabitants like bacteria, algae, viruses and other such microorganisms. But ozone can treat this water thousand times better than chlorine can. If you think about it, this can be how you can actually save money, since you will need only a little ozone to purify your tank than the large quantity of chlorine you will have to use.

2. Ozone helps in the eliminations of wastes that the aquatic inhabitants will produce. It oxidizes the pollutants in the tank and brings them to a form from which they can be discarded properly.

3. Ozone is also a disinfecting agent. Since it can combat with most pathogens, ozone can make the residents of the aquarium live healthier and longer.

4. Ozone enhances the quality of the water. Ozone is a fresh gas, minebook present in the higher realms of the atmosphere where it is purer. The same kind of purity is brought into the reef tank when ozone is used in it. Ozonized water is odorless, colorless and tasteless.

5. Ozone does not leave chemical wastes in the water when it is passed through it. That means, when water is ozonized, there will be effectively less amount of wastes and chemical discharges into the water.

Ozone can be continuously produced in aquarium tanks by machines that are known as ozonizers. There are different types of ozonizers based on the principle on which they work, nahls such as the corona discharge ozonizers and the ultraviolet ozonizers. The corona discharge ozonizers can produce stables quantities of ozone for a long time, and so they are better for bigger aquariums.


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